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Direct Drive Technology

With a focus on designing a wind turbine which is both efficient and reliable, it was easily recognised that the gearbox must be eliminated.  Gearboxes, commonly found in many turbines, create mechanical losses and places more stress on the generator.  The gearbox is also prone to failure.  Each time the gearbox needs to be replaced, a costly repair is necessary involving a crane and significant downtime.

In direct drive turbines, the number of components has been reduced tremendously.  The result is a less vulnerable machine.  The rotor and generator rotate as one integrated unit, supported by a designed single bearing system.  The generator rotates 25 to 30RPM compared to 900RPM in turbines using gearbox technology. 

Advantages of Direct Drive Technology

  1. No gearbox vibration, resulting in less noise and stress on the turbine tower and foundation.
  2. Lower mechanical maintenance, resulting in financial savings.
  3. More efficient operation, resulting in more annual output power.
  4. Longer equipment life.

Operating limits


Cut-in speed

3 m/s

Cut-out speed

25 m/s

Survival speed

Maximum 60 m/s

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